Learning Opportunities

The teachers at our Montessori Preschool plan a for an exciting school year each and every year.  The focus is not on competing with others, but on cooperation and teamwork to develop your child’s fullest potential.  At our Montessori Preschool we offer programs to fit each student’s developmental needs.

The areas of the prepared environment include:

  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial Development
  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Movement
  • Spanish
  • Science
  • Music

The Practical Life exercises enable the child to gradually lengthen their attention span, perfect their coordination, pay attention to details, learn to concentrate on ones task and develop their sense of order.

The Sensorial materials promote the awareness of distinction, size, dimension and the ability of the child to understand what he is perceiving. The Pink Tower, Brown Stairs and Red Rods help the child to categorize and to relate new information to what he already knows.

Academic materials available in the classroom include mathematic apparatus which are concrete, representing all types of quantities. The child by using the materials can demonstrate to himself the basic concepts of arithmetic.

The child meets the alphabetical symbols by using sandpaper letters. Following the child’s natural sensitivity in language – writing or the construction of words with the moveable alphabet usually precedes reading in a Montessori classroom.

Geography, Science, Spanish, Life Skills and My Body  materials are present in the classroom in varying degrees according to the work for which the children are ready.

Singing, music appreciation, crafts,  and games are all coordinated into our Montessori program.

Our goal of art education is to develop in the child the ability to create a product using whatever skills he has, without having to follow a pattern or method prescribed by others. For children, art is a way of learning and not something to be learned.

Daily doses of nature and outdoor time are provided. Our school is surrounded by a wooded area teeming with nature sounds and wildlife which can be heard and observed as the children play. We believe having positive experiences with the outdoors helps children become stewards of the environment later in life.  Part of the land our school is on is used as a community garden in the spring, summer and fall seasons in which the children participate in my planting flowers and vegetables.  All the food grown is donated to a local food bank.

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